Team ICO


No Open Free Roam in The Last Guardian

The newest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine netted an exclusive interview with Team ICO game designer/director, Fumito Ueda, about The Last Guardian. The interview has the standard based Q and A's but delivered some rather sad


HD Remakes for the Xbox 360?

One new gaming trend which I’m sure will become a booming success do to its great profitability is HD remakes. Starting with the God of War Collection more and more of these are starting to pop up:


Details on The Last Guardian as Early as TGS?

If there's one game that everyone hasn't heard much about, it would be The Last Guardian. Since it's announcement at E3 2009, all that's been released is a trailer and a couple screenshots. Whether the anticipation for


Ico Collection HD Remake Screens or Not?

Sony has announced their desire to continue pursuing HD remakes of classic PlayStation 2 titles, and many are expecting the Ico Collection (which we would presume to include Ico and Shadow of the Colossus) to be one


SCEJ Launches Last Guardian Site

The newest title from Team ICO for the Playstation 3 had an official website launch courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. The Last Guardian's website gave us high resolution screenshots, but they appear to be from the