Vacations Suck in Dead Island: Riptide


If you've played Dead Island, then you know that zombies have a horrible habit of ruining island resorts. In Dead Island: Riptide they certainly haven't changed, having set up shop in Henderson on the island of


Review: Dead Island

I could start this off with the whole "will Dead Island live up to its first trailer?" spiel, but I'm not going to be boring like that. Here's the bottom line: Dead Island is a good


New Dead Island Screens Look Terribly Beautiful

These new screens from Deep Silver's Dead Island look gorgeous, which is amplified by how eerily creepy everything looks. And that straitjacketed zombie fellow? What's his deal, standing there amongst the abandoned cars like some sort of


GDC11: Dead Island is Better Than You Think It Is

Dead Island is one of those few games in which people actually reached a consensus opinion when the trailer was first unleashed on the Interwebs. While the trailer was restrained, emotionally stunning, and completely unlike any other


Review: nail’d

There are giant racing franchises out there that allow you to tweak gear ratios, get licenses, adjust down-force and a bunch of other complicated things that may not interest everyone, but nail’d is different. nail’d is your


Get nail’d With DualShockers Contest

It's time to have another contest to give away to get you gamers to continue gaming. This time we're giving away an Xbox 360 copy of nail'd. Releasing tomorrow for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, nail'd is


Nail’d With More Screenshots and Artwork

The upcoming off-road arcade racer by Techland and Deep Silver, nail'd, has received some new artwork and screens. From the looks, this game is going to be full of some pretty sweet jumps and smooth visuals, and