Then and Now: Rayman

Rayman and his wacky adventures have always held a special place in my heart. In the heyday of the ‘90s platforming era, iconic characters and “mascots” practically defined a console generation, with Rayman being a part of


Then and Now: Splinter Cell

The Splinter Cell Series is approaching its 11 year anniversary. It is one of the few franchises that has successfully spawned a following outside of the gaming universe, spawning six novels and a feature film in development


Then and Now: The Ninja Gaiden Series

Mention the name Ninja Gaiden to any action game fan and you’re bound to yield a delighted smile. Since the first installment hit arcades more than twenty-one years ago, the series has become synonymous with the term


Then and Now: The Sims

Video games mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some people like to battle monsters and otherworldly enemies, some like to shoot foreign soldiers in a modern military setting and some like


Then and Now: PlayStation

The PlayStation brand infiltrated the North American gaming industry on November of 1995. It was then that this virgin epithet made its mark and embarked on a decade and a half old journey to perpetuate on the