Marvel: Avengers Alliance Coming to Facebook

Disney is bringing a hot new Marvel themed "unique combat role playing experience" to Facebook which will be live sometime in Q1 this year. The game's story features something called "The Pulse" which is bringing all of


Captain America Gets Pixelated to Save the World

As we approach the release of another Marvel movie and tie-in game with Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain America: Super Soldier respectively, Marvel has kicked the hype engine in full motion. This extends beyond the


Thor: Bring the Thunder is True 16 Bit Glory

This week marks the launch of the Thor movie as well as a different version of the game Thor: God of Thunder for each system. The DS version in particular harkens to some old side-scrolling action, while


It’s Always Sunny At The VGAs with NPH

Spike's Video Game Awards will be broadcasting this Saturday December 11th at 8PM ET / 5PM PT, and some details are starting to filter in on who will be there. Presenters and attendees will include Danny Devito,