Review: Shadows of the Damned

Shadows of the Damned is a pretty wacky survival horror TPS from developer Grasshopper Manufacture. It was produced by Grasshopper CEO Suda 51 and Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. Obviously the game is stylistically and aurally pretty


Dead Space 2 Demo Dated

Dead Space 2, sequel to the acclaimed sci-fi horror TPS Dead Space, is one of next year’s most anticipated titles. EA has confirmed the release date for the demo of their upcoming blockbuster to be December 21st.


Review: Vanquish

Since SEGA first pulled back the curtain on Vanquish some ten months ago, it has garnered attention with its fantastic visual style, rock solid TPS mechanics and direction by the famed Shinji Mikami. It has been called


HD Remakes for the Xbox 360?

One new gaming trend which I’m sure will become a booming success do to its great profitability is HD remakes. Starting with the God of War Collection more and more of these are starting to pop up:


New Vanquish Trailer Released

With the release of SEGA's highly anticipated stylish TPS Vanquish just one short month from now, pulses are racing faster than a rocket powered boost across the room. Well, just about that fast.