Epic Dark Void Trailer Now Up

The folks over at Capcom put up a new trailer for their Rocketeer inspired game Dark Void. This trailer is showing off a lot of the different aspects of the game. The trailer highlights the dogfighting mechanic


New Medal of Honor Reboot Teaser Trailer

Everyone has seen a teaser trailer before, but the latest from EA definitely takes the cake. As it takes the words "teaser" and "trailer" to new heights. It's for their reboot to the Medal of Honor series.


Dragon Age Origins -Zevran Trailer

Fans of the Baldur's Gate franchise would be delighted to know that BioWare has been working on its successor. A game that features deep character customization and role-playing, tactical party-based combat, morally challenging decisions, and mature sub-plots.


Modern Warfare 2 Flag Runner Trailer

It looks we are graced with another Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer video, and hot damn does it look good. The mode covered in this video is the flag capture mode, which looks intense. Teamwork and a quick