Trauma Team


Trauma Team Drama Video Released

Swiftly following the review of Trauma Team from DualShockers, we bring you some video content of the title to feast your eyes on as well. This official trailer from Atlus will give you a taste of some


Review: Trauma Team

The series that is leading the way in bringing video games into the hospital is back with its latest installment, Trauma Team. The game features a team of six different medical professionals who each have their own


Questions for Atlus? Let’s Hear Them!

DualShockers will be attending a couple streaming web demo sessions with Atlus this week, featuring two of their upcoming titles.  The first is 3D Dot Game Heroes, a PS3 exclusive action RPG with a retro gaming


Trauma Team Developer Featurette #3

Atlus has released a featurette from art director and character designer, Masayuki Doi. In it he discusses the creation processand all things that he considers for a character. It looks as if Atlus is really going all


Trauma Team Endoscopy Video

Atlus has released the second in a series of walkthrough videos for their upcoming title, Trauma Team, releasing April 20, 2010 for Nintendo Wii. If you missed the first video (because we didn't upload it, sorry) just


New Trauma Team Screens and Stuff

A batch of new screens for Atlus' upcoming medical drama title Trauma Team have landed gracefully in our inbox.  Along with those screens - which we've handily included below - the game's director, Daisuke Kanada, gives


Trauma Team Gameplay Footage!

Oh Atlus, you slay me. Just a few posts ago I was praising your humor and within a couple hours here you go again. Well ladies and nerds, it my pleasure to announce the very first gameplay


Trauma Team Ready To Operate

Nintendo Wii goes back to the hospital with the April release of the Trauma series, Trauma Team. As we all know, Trauma is a doctor type game, where surgeries and healing occur, and you are in the


Atlus Shows Us Trauma Team Behind-the-Scenes

The fine folks at Atlus have graciously put together a couple behind-the-scenes videos for their upcoming Wii game Trauma Team.  Both of them are must-sees if you're interested in this upcoming medical drama.  Grey's Anatomy,


New Trauma Team Screenshots

Atlus has released 13 new screenshots for their upcoming game Trauma Team for Wii. The title that is set to release in Spring of 2010. Trauma Team will be the next title in the Trauma Center series


Meet the Trauma Team…Team

To start off Atlus' plethora of Trauma Team assets - which will be coming at us pretty heavily in the coming weeks - here we have character art that introduces the six main doctors from the game.