Review: Bangai-O HD

Bangai-O HD is one of those rare games where I almost feel like a full on review outside of a basic description is almost entirely unnecessary, as it's either going to be an easy sell or something


Bangai-O HD Coming Soon to XBLA

The coveted Bangai-O series from developer Treasure is immensely popular in Japan. The arcade shooter is a rarity here in the states, with exceptions to 2008's Bangai-O: Spirits for the Nintendo DS. A new game entitled Bangai-O


Mabinogi Celebrates Summer Festivities

Free-2-play Nexon MMO Mabinogi is offering players a variety of seasonal events to coincide with the arrival of  summer. These events include the Independence Day event, which began on July 1st and will run unto July


No Treasure To Be Found

Exploration in games can be a fun and rewarding experience…as long as the developers make it out to be. I explore for more than just something to benefit me through finding treasures or other secrets - I