Valkyria Chronicles 2


Valkyria Chronicles II Demo Impressions

To many, the original Valkyria Chronicles was a masterly devised and artfully created strategy RPG, regardless of how much it actually sold, it received near universal critical success. The sequel is nearly upon us, so, I thought


New Info and Screens for Valkyria Chronicles 2

Sega released an interesting bit of information about their upcoming sequel to the PS3's excellent Valkyria Chronicles today.  Apparently those save files are going to come in handy, so if you have them, don't delete them!


Loads of New Valkyria Chronicles 2 Videos

I couldn't pass this up when I stumbled across them.  Here's six new videos (don't worry, they're short) from Valkyria Chronicles 2, featuring many different aspects of the game.  There's one that showcases - albeit


Valkyria Chronicles 2 PSP Bound

It's a sad day to be a PS3 owner, however if you also happen to own a PSP you're in luck. Out of all of the RPG's released last year (2008), the best in my opinion also


Valkyria Chronicles 2 Finally Confirmed

A few months ago, a PSP sequel to Valkyria Chronicles was leaked in Famitsu magazine.  Of course, many would consider that confirmation in and of itself, but there was no official press release from Sega or