Starhawk Goes Gold, Beta Testers to be Rewarded

Dylan Jobe, president of Lightbox Interactive, posted two big announcements on the Playstation Blog today concerning Starhawk. The first was a confirmation that the game had recently gone gold and will meet it’s expected release date of


Rumor: Warhawk Sequel in Development?

The good folks over at PlayStation Systemlink reportedly have a reliable source within Sony Computer Entertainment. This source, who wished to remain anonymous, confirmed that a sequel to the PS3 exclusive, Warkhawk, is in development and has


Warhawk Tournament 2010 Starts Tomorrow

This announcement comes from the father of the PlayStation 3 multiplayer only exclusive Warhawk which took third-person vehicular shooters, and war-based games in general, to a new level of intensity. Tomorrow April 2nd, 2010 the tournament servers


PlayStation Store Update 2/25

Well hello readers, it is Thursday, which means it is my favorite day of the week, PlayStation Store day. The biggest sale item for the week is Warhawk and its DLC. Make sure you get extra greedy