Nintendo Deals Raining Down in April

Looking to download some family fun this April? Nintendo's April Showers savings has what your looking for. Titles such as Ferrari GT: Evolution, System Flaw Recruit and Scrabble Slam! are set to hit on Nintendo DSiWare. Check


Nintendo Releases Schedule Update

Nintendo has updated some information on their upcoming releases for 2010, including news on titles not yet dated. Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is set for a June 27 release and Metroid: Other M is now set


Nintendo Downloads: Choose Your Poison

This week’s Nintendo Downloads offer a great variety of selection. Thug it out with Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A. from the good folks at Gameloft, rock some classic Zaxxon on the Virtual Console, or participate in


Furry Legends Teaser Trailer

Hitting up your Nintendo Wii on WiiWare is Furry Legends. This teaser trailer gives you a taste of the flavor that is FL on WiiWare. While it may appear to be a poor man's LittleBigPlanet at first,


WarioWare: D.I.Y. Next Week

Do yourself a favor next week and do it yourself... WarioWare Do It Yourself that is. WarioWare D.I.Y. releases March 28, alongside the DSi XL conveniently enough. So, if you're planning to drop big bucks


Nintendo Asks Gamers to Get Tough

Nintendo wants to know just how tough you really are. And this weeks WiiWare downloads give you just that chance. Whether your face to face with fearsome foes, standing toe to toe with Vampires, Nintendo has you


Review: bittos+

MACHINE has released a new puzzle game available for WiiWare on January 25, 2010. The game is simple and should hit home to all the Tetris fans (every gamer) with every piece directly taken from Tetris. No


Phoenix Wright: Justice For All Moved Up

The date for Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All has been moved up for WiiWare release. The great DS game can be downloaded on your Wii come February 15 for 1000 Wii Points ($10). Nowadays, it's


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney WiiWare Bound

That's right, Capcom's "court adventure that started it all and made Phoenix Wright one of the most celebrated characters in the Capcom universe" will be making it's way to the Wii Shop Channel. It will land on


Mega Man 10 Trailer

Here is the first Mega Man 10 trailer showing off a bit of classic Mega Man jumping and shooting with a mix of Proto Man as well. All of the classic pits and spikes make their return


Mega Man 10 Coming to XBLA and PSN

I can clearly remember the times when I sat in front of my TV wearing nothing but my Fruit-of-the-Loom underwear, accompanied by a bag of Cheese Doodles and a cup of Koolaid, while I entrenched my genius


Mega Man 10 – Now With More Sheep

Mega Man 10 is officially announced for WiiWare. Pause... Take that in...

Ok what we do know is that there are three playable characters Mega Man, Proto Man and one mystery character yet to be named. There


Ace Attorney Games Coming to WiiWare

The first three Ace Attorney games have been announced by Capcom to be releasing in the U.S. on the months of January, March, and May. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will be releasing in January, Justice for


Harvest Moon: My Little Shop Arrives

Natsume Inc. will be taking their beloved Harvest Moon franchise to the downloadable world today. Harvest Moon: My Little Shop will be available for 1200 Nintendo points ($12) on your little Wii Shop channels (saw what I


Finally Campaigning for Nintendo Downloads

Finally some lateral movement from Nintendo to boost downloads of WiiWare titles. Wii owners will be able to download WiiWare demos this week, for five of its titles. Demos for BIT.TRIP BEAT, FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES:


Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker Headed to the Wii

Old schoolers definitely remember Moonwalker from the 16-bit Sega Genesis - a game that focused on legendary pop-singer Michael Jackson defeating baddies with his enchanting dance moves and looking for little girls throughout the stages in order