WWE ’12


Review: WWE ’12

Every year a new WWE game hits the store shelves and every year they are seemingly ignored -- especially by gamers who have smartened up to the formulaic approach. That doesn't seem to be the case for


Thoughts on WWE ’12’s $1 Unlock

WWE '12 includes a plethora of DLC superstars and attires you can buy via money or Microsoft Points. However, I think it should be interesting to note that the game also features the ability to pay $1


Batista Confirmed as DLC for WWE ’12

Arriving in just under two weeks, WWE '12 still has news on superstars and wrestlers rolling in. Announced today was none other than "The Animal" set to be released as upcoming downloadable content. The former Evolution member


Some WWE ’12 DLC News and Screenshots

The upcoming "rebirth" of the WWE wrestling game series, WWE '12 is coming very soon, and its already robust roster just got a little more interesting with details on some of the DLC content scheduled to be


WWE ’12 to Feature WCW Legends

It was revealed this week that WWE '12 will feature WCW Legends in its already robust roster. For any wrestling fan that has been around for more than 10 years, this is very exciting news. Could it


WWE ’12 Roster Reveal and More

After this past weekend in Los Angeles for WWE SummerSlam, THQ revealed most of the roster for their latest WWE game, WWE '12. Also confirmed for the game are the inclusion of Trish Stratus and CM Punk's