WWE All-Stars


THQ Announces WWE All Stars for the 3DS

Earlier today, THQ announced that WWE All Stars will be releasing for the Nintendo 3DS. WWE and THQ have come together to reconstruct the title that was released earlier this year and have catered it to the


WWE All Stars DLC Details

With so many wrestlers and superstars still scheduled to arrive as DLC for WWE All Stars, details on pricing and arrival are finally here. Below are the details on what you will be paying and when they


New Release Rundown ~ Week of 3.27.2011

Everyone knows what came out this week - Nintendo's new 3DS handheld. I even have one sitting next to me right at this moment. It's a pretty sweet device. That piece of hardware and all the launch


Review: WWE All Stars

Professional wrestling is always looked at as a wannabe sport, but that’s not stopping WWE from getting the sports-like treatment. WWE All Stars to WWE is the equivalent of what NBA Jam is to the NBA, or


Preview: WWE All Stars Hands-On

It is about time a game like this has finally been made. WWE wrestling is all about being over-the-top, and WWE All-Stars takes away the limitations of real life and finally gives us something we can’t possibly


Mad Catz Bringing the Smackdown to WWE All Stars

Mad Catz is once again putting the video gaming controller market in a headlock. Mad Catz and THQ have entered into an agreement for Mad Catz to produce FightStick and FightPad video-game accessories for Xbox 360, PlayStation


WWE All Stars to Be All Starless?

The upcoming THQ wrestling game, WWE All-Stars, is set to have WWE legends and current superstars face off in fantasy and over-the-top matches. Matches such as John Cena vs. The Rock, Andre the Giant vs. The Big


WWE All-Stars Details

THQ's Sal DiVita recently sat down with GameSpot to give details on the upcoming WWE video game, WWE All-Stars. DiVita drives the point that this title will be more arcade-style, rather than the Smackdown series simulation approach.