Review: Mark of the Ninja

When given the option between stealth and combat in a game, I typically go for combat. It’s not that stealth isn’t intriguing, I just lack the patience to wait for the right moment when I know I


Review: Hybrid

Hybrid is an interesting departure for developer 5th Cell, the studio behind the Scribblenauts series. Released as a part of Xbox’s Summer of Arcade, it provides a new take on the third person, cover-based shooter genre. As


Review: Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior’s Rise

With the plethora of 3D action games that are currently out on the market, standing out among the crowd is no easy task. Studios will use big name licenses, hyperbolic fighting moves, provocative cinematics, and unnecessary reboots.


Marvel vs. Capcom Origins Announced

Capcom has announced that is will be releasing Marvel vs. Capcom Origins to Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network. Marvel vs. Capcom Origins is a compilation of the popular arcade titles, Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs.