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Resident Evil 5 DLC

After the announcement of Resident Evil 5: The Alternative Edition coming to North America in Spring of 2010, polls were taken on whether or not the new content driven title should be on a disc or available


Get lucky on Live with NCAA Basketball 10 Demo!

Electronic Arts announced today that a playable demo of NCAA Basketball 10 is now available for download on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for all Xbox LIVE Gold Subscribers. Gamers can play out the LEGENDARY (... maybe an exaggeration?


XBL Party Chat Might Be Blocked in MW2

Wasn't it great during a couple of games of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare where you and your friends partied up via Xbox Live Party chat to shout out tactical commands (or cheat like a bunch of


Grand Theft Auto Multiplayer Weekend

To celebrate the launch of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City, including the all-new episode The Ballad of Gay Tony, Rockstar Games announces a weekend of Grand Theft Multiplayer mayhem on Xbox Live starting Friday October


Everyone, Welcome GTAIV To Xbox LIVE

Unless you're not a fan of the series, there's no reason why you shouldn't have already played Grand Theft Auto IV. From beginning to end, the game has spunk. You take on the roll of Serbian immigrant


Community Playdate Reminder

For those of you who have no peripheral vision and have managed to somehow not see the banner to the left of this post you probably don't know about about our upcoming Xbox Live Community Playdate. This


Social Networking on the 360 Not For Everyone

It has been confirmed, then re-confirmed, by Microsoft that one of their biggest announcements of this past E3 will NOT be available to everyone who owns an XBOX 360. Only gold members will be able to partake


Co-Op Demo for Capcom’s Lost Planet 2 Dated

Who does not like Co-op play? I actually believe it is a lost art in gaming, especially for split screen co-op. That is why we just received some great news that Lost Planet 2 co-op demo will