Yakuza 3


Massive GameFly Under $20 Sale

GameFly is having a huge sale with a lot of great games for under $20! This is a great opportunity to catch up on some of those games you've been holding out on, better jump on this


Yakuza 4 Heading West in 2011

Sega once said that the fate of the Yakuza franchise in the West relied on how well Yakuza 3 sold over in these parts. Apparently it must have met or exceeded their expectations, because they're bringing the


Yakuza 3 Review

Konichiwa! A few months ago Al and myself had the opportunity to attend a media event in New York City that showcased upcoming titles from SEGA. And although the room was packed with some serious quality titles,


New Release Rundown – Week of 3/7

Hello folks! I get to take over Evan's job for a week since he's attending all sorts of game-related events out on the West coast. He even got to go to the Final Fantasy XIII launch party


Yakuza 3: Memories Trailer

With the release of Yakuza 3 right around the corner, March 12th to be precise, Sega has released this trailer as a teaser for the upcoming game, but also to highlight the past of the main character,