Ys Seven


Review: Ys Seven

I went into Ys Seven with few expectations, and even less knowledge of the entire franchise than I wanted. Needless to say, it was an RPG and I’m all for trying new RPGs. This one was no


Seven Wonders of Ys Seven Trailer Released

Ys Seven, the upcoming JRPG, is showcased in the Seven Wonders of Ys Seven trailer recently released which reveals seven locales players will be visiting in the title. One look at the historical naval base and economic


Preview: Ys Seven

Many JRPGs of late have found a cozy little home on the PlayStation Portable. It seems to afford the publishers the outlet they need to get great games out to their fans, as well as keep development


New Ys Seven Screens Are Delectable

XSEED dropped some new screens of their upcoming action RPG Ys Seven today, which shows off various aspects of the game. There's some dialog screens, some battle screens and some screens with the characters just standing around