Zipper Interactive


Sony Closes its Zipper For Good

Sony has officially confirmed rumors which have been circulating on Kotaku and other sites since last week, concerning the possibility of shutting down Zipper Interactive, a branch responsible for titles including SOCOM and MAG.


Dance Instead of T-Bag in Socom 4

For all those who love a good t-bag over a victim, you’ll love Socom 4’s “built-in victory dances”. Instead of crouching, simply press O (circle) over a dead enemy and watch your dance celebration. Needless to say,


Socom 4 Beta Detailed

Over the weekend Zipper explained ,on their forums, how to get into the Socom 4 beta. Needless to say, everyone who owns a PS3 will eventually get in it. You guys can still brag about who got


PSA: MAG 2.0 Patch Available Now

You heard right, Zipper Interactive has finally flipped the switch on the big 2.0 release for MAG. With the release, you now get Move Support, a level cap increase, and some extra clan support. Hit the


SOCOM 4 Story Trailer Released

It's approaching, the next SOCOM game. Socom 4: US Navy Seals is one of the tactical shooters coming towards gamers this season and has been drawing a lot of attention since its recent announcement by SONY and


First DLC Headed to MAG and It’s Free

Do not adjust your monitor, and no it isn't a typo. The words Free and DLC are, in fact, in the title of this post... together. As if I couldn't already say enough good things about Sony's


SOCOM 4: US NAVY SEALS Walkthrough

Hey SOCOM fans, here is the newest walk-through video featuring the PlayStation Move motion controller. SOCOM 4: US NAVY SEALS will be available this fall from Zipper Interactive only on the PS3. Check it out.


Why MAG is Essentially a $60 Beta

I know what you’re thinking. You just read the title above and thought to yourself “who in the name of Jim Sterling wrote this drivel?” and to that, all I have to say is… relax. Not


SOCOM 4 Trailer Debuts on SPIKE

SOCOM fans have been a patient lot. Well, the wait is now over. As seen on SPIKE TV tonight, the debut trailer for SOCOM 4 has been released. Zipper Interactive is wasting no time in getting the



Zipper Interactive has just announced SOCOM 4 is coming exclusively for the PS3! Set for release in the Fall of 2010, SOCOM 4 details will be released throughout 2010, but the premise of the story will be


Review: MAG

Massive Action Game (and yes it is as big as it sounds) is 256 gamers thrown into the mix to battle it out for the 3 different Private Military Corporations in the Shadow War. Since the concept