PlatinumGames Officially Denies Astral Chain is The First Entry of a Trilogy

PlatinumGames Officially Denies Astral Chain is The First Entry of a Trilogy

Astral Chain Director Takahisa Taura denied the game is planned as the start of a trilogy and explained how the mistranslation happened.

IGN Netherlands published this week an interview with Platinum Games’ Takahisa Taura. In it, IGN Netherlands reported that Taura mentioned that Astral Chain is developed as the beginning of a trilogy, with the other two entries releasing if the first Astral Chain is a commercial success. This turned out to be a mistranslation on IGN Netherlands’ part.

Today, Astral Chain Director Takahisa Taura, through Twitter and IGN Japan, denied the claim that Astral Chain is the beginning of a trilogy: “The article mistakenly reported that “Astral Chain is developed as the first part of a trilogy”. What I actually said, and nothing more, is how in my mind  I think about many things when developing Astral Chain, to the point that it could get expanded with 2 other games or more.”

IGN Japan issued an apology and Taura also explained how the mistranslation was born: The interview published by IGN Netherlands was made by translating Taura’s  words from Japanese to English, and then from English to Dutch.

It’s unclear whether the part about Astral Chain having no DLC planned as of now was a mistranslation or not, as both Taura and the IGN Japan article didn’t touch upon it. Either way, this was a pretty interesting incident and shows mistranslations can happen regardless of the translators’ skills in cases like these.

Astral Chain launches worldwide this summer on August 30, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. We’ve translated most of the game’s lore while covering the latest gameplay video.