Take A Bite Ouf Of This New Primal Carnage Reveal Trailer

on July 10, 2012 7:03 PM

As Lukewarm Media readies for their upcoming beta, it seems that they’re finally doing their best to entice players with the first of five character reveal trailers for their upcoming Man-vs.-Dino FPS, Primal Carnage. Unlike other games that have tackled the concept, like Turok, in Primal Carnage, players can take control of one of five human characters or dinosaurs. In this first trailer, we are introduced to the Pyromaniac and the Carnotaurus.

The pyromaniac’s name is apt, as his gameplay features a hybrid flamethrower-chainshaw, perfect for grilling up dinos after cutting them down. The medium-sized Carnotaurus may be smaller than its bipedal big brother, the T-rex, but its lacking size is made up for by its combination of speed and brute force. Armed with sharp horns, a fearsome bite, and a charge attack that mows its poor victims down, the Carnotaurus also lacks the ability to cover its sides very well. You can check the video below, this game looks like a ton of fun.

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