Take A Brief and Shaky Look at 32 Xbox One Units Running Battlefield 4’s Multiplayer

on September 28, 2013 11:55 AM

What do 32 Xbox One units running Battlefield 4 ‘s multiplayer look like? Today we can get a glimpse on it, thanks to YouTube user GodessOfDeathMGO that recorded them on the Eurogamer Expo Show Floor·

It’s worth nothing that miss Goddess of Death (lovely name, by the way) mentions that the units were used for a 64-player session, but the video only shows 32 (yes, I counted them), meaning that probably there are 32 more for the other team somewhere else in the room.  Since the only mode with 64 players is Conquest, that’s probably what the consoles are running.

We also get tho see the name of the map used, Zavod 311, which is the new map introduced at Eurogamer, set in a Russian tank factory, and its actual overhead layout. There’s even a super brief glimpse on the UI of one of the Xbox One units at the end.

Before I leave you with the video, here’s Goddess of Death’s opinion on the game from the video’s description:

The view right before we went ahead and played 64 man Battlefield 4 at Eurogamer. It was probably the best game I played that day. Amazing! Didn’t expect too much from it as it is similar to BF3 but SO much smoother and beautiful.

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