Take a Deep Dive into The Sinking City With New Gameplay Footage

Take a Deep Dive into The Sinking City With New Gameplay Footage

New gameplay footage from The Sinking City gives an in-depth look at many different aspects of the game.

Publisher Bigben Games and developer Frogwares have released a new gameplay trailer for The Sinking City. The footage shows off quite a few different aspects of the game and includes a bit of developer commentary. Check it out for yourself below.

The footage is taken from a mission you’ll experience in the game. It’s a short slice that gives us an idea of the game’s combat and the interactivity the player has during investigations.

From the trailer, combat looks relatively simple. The player has access to a number of different weapons that they can use against the Cthulu monsters that will attack you throughout the game. It looks like standard third-person combat, though the fight in the footage is fairly brief. That said, the team looks to be focusing more on the investigation aspect, so combat will likely be relatively simple.

Speaking of investigations, the footage shows off quite a few of your investigative powers. We see the character recreate a murder scene after scanning the environment, giving you deeper insight into the mystery. The footage also shows the player looking at an object and then using the object to seemingly go back in time to hear a conversation from the past.

Interestingly, in the player’s menu, we see a number of options including “Skills” and “Mind Palace”. “Mind Palace” is particularly intriguing and likely has to deal with how the player manages their mental health and stay away from the madness.

All in all, the footage sets the tone for what looks to be an oppressive adventure through the Lovecraft universe. The Sinking City is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox on June 27, 2019.