Take a First Look at Magicka: Vietnam with TotalBiscuit

By John Colaw

April 6, 2011

Magicka: Vietnam is releasing very soon, and yet if even just that week is too long for you to take, then today is your lucky day! Total Biscuit has a first look hands-on with the game which gives us a look at some of the changes in the game such as Captain Vlad, the new Magick spell (Napalm), and some of the guns including an AK-47, M-16, M60, and Mosin Nagant among others.

Be warned in advance that the video is fairly long and shows off quite a bit of what you’ll be able to expect when Magicka: Vietnam drops next week. I personally only watched about three minutes so as to keep as much of it fresh for myself as possible, though that choice is yours.

The DLC looks to keep with the games amazing humor and charm, not to mention relentless difficulty and trial & error gameplay. Magicka: Vietnam will be released on April 12th for just $5 and again, as long as the host of a multiplayer session owns the DLC everybody can play it, which is brilliant.

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