Take A First Look At The Legend of Legacy

Take A First Look At The Legend of Legacy

Famitsu has revealed the it’s online preview for The Legend of Legacy, FuRyu’s upcoming 3DS RPG. Many seasoned staff whose previous works include the Final Fantasy and SaGa series, as well as Chrono Trigger, Resident Evil and Parasite Eve are involved in this title. 

The game revolves around the unknown island of Avalon harboring the heritage of the gods. The game doesn’t have a fixed route for the story as they player is will allowed to progress the game freely. The game’s map will be available from the start of the game, players which will want to use it to aid their exploration. Every time the player discovers a map, the number of places the player can venture in increases. As the player keeps discovering more areas, they will unveil  the secrets hidden on the island.

The only preview introduces seven adventurers who will challenge the legend of Avalon. Players will select their main character among them as well as choose two other characters to create a party of three. In “Initium City,” players can switch out and replace party members.

According to Kyoji Koizumi, who previously worked in the SaGa series, he didn’t want to make a game without quests, where players can find out what to do on their own. However, they knew that if guidance wasn’t provided, then some players would feel stuck. So the game will provide one big objective, then it leaves it up to the players on how to complete it, uncovering things along the way.

The Legend of Legacy is scheduled to release on 3DS in Japan on January 22, 2015.

Check out the character artworks as well some in-game screenshots below: