Take a Look at Some Cut Content From Breath of the Wild

Thanks to Lava Cut Content, you can take a closer and more in-depth look at some cut content from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild is my favorite game of all time. The game has almost been out for about two years now and I can without a doubt confirm this opinion. So, anytime there is new content or art revolving around the game, my ears perk up.

LavaCutContent is a website and YouTube channel that dives deep into aspects of games that didn’t make it into the full release. When I saw that they recently covered Breath of the Wild, I had to pounce on it. Here are some designs and concept art that never made it to the full game.

To start, take look at this early glider design. This early prototype is much larger than the one used in BOTW and even included two straps on each side that presumably would have flapped in the wind while you sailed through the sky. Could Hyrule have had more in-depth wind physics such as Wind Waker and these straps would be able to determine its direction? Probably not. But it is still pretty cool to think about.

Next up we have a different interpretation of the horse god. This look is much different compared to the one that was used in the full release. Lava Cut Content described this look as much more “flamboyant” and speculated that the personality of this horse god could have been much more extravagant.

These four wizrobe designs look much different than the ones used in the final release. Actually, the one on the far left is what the normal enemy looks like under the robe, and it is terrifying. The other interpretations seem to be much different then the more cartoonish one used. The second one from the left looks awesome and I kind of wish that was the one used in the game and the one on the far right looks right out of a horror title.


In the Masterworks, a Japanese art book that covered more cut content from the game, these two pictures were included with the Japanese word for “family” written just above it. The small girl could possibly be Link’s little sister and the father is presumably his father or uncle. Could they have been cut because the death of Link’s family would be too dark for the game? Possibly.

For even more cut content from Breath of the Wild, you can watch this video from Nintendo’s Cut Content with Dr. Lava. I have to say that some of the stuff cut is absolutely wild and I would never imagine them making it into a Zelda title.

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