Take a Look at This Leaked Work-In-Progress Steam Client Update

The Steam Client appears to be getting a sleek and shiny new update. The alleged switch comes via SteamDB and gives the client a fresh coat of paint.

Twitter user SteamDB is posting images of a new Steam client interface Valve is working on. The new client appears to have leaked through the Chinese Counter-Strike Go launcher and gives us a look at the direction Steam is going. It looks like Valve has tried to make everything look a little sleeker and shinier. Give it a look below.

As you can see, the changes to your library would be relatively minimal. The first image shows the main page which gives you a large look at your library. Presumably, there will be options to change what you see here, but here it surfaces both newly updated games and recent games. Personally, I’m liking the second image in the tweet the most. I think putting the game’s cover image cleanly above the game data instead of imposed behind everything looks better. That said, your opinion might differ.

It looks like they’ve given an update to the trading card tab; however, I wouldn’t know the difference because I never look at my trading cards. They did give the cards a hover effect, which is…cool, I guess?

The update appears to also get rid of syndicated news, something many users are happy about. This makes community announcements and workshop items much more visible. It will be interesting to see how people react to the switch if this goes live. I don’t think I’ll mind it, but I can see how someone might wish for an option to toggle old Steam back on.

Keep your eyes on Dualshockers for more info. It’s E3 season, so you know the news is dropping free and fast.

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