Take a Video Tour of Toybox Turbos’ 18 Tracks

Take a Video Tour of Toybox Turbos’ 18 Tracks

Codemasters released a new video for Toybox Turbos which tours 18 tracks featured in the game. Inspired by childhood locations including the breakfast table, science labs and pool table, contain obstacles and short-cuts designed for quick-fire arcade racing.

With the feel of 90’s miniature racing titles, every track has power-ups to collect and is, ranging from machine guns, mines, bonnet mounted hammers and more.

Each circuit can be played in single-player which has six game modes for the game four-player local and online multiplayer.

Toybox Turbo will release for PC via Steam on November 12th and coming to Xbox Live for Xbox 360 and PSN for PlayStation 3 soon.

Check out the video below, explaining all the tracks in the game.