Take On The Brutal Legend Demo

Finally the game that we all wanted to try for awhile has come out to the XBOX 360 marketplace. Brutal Legend is here, and it is rocking to stay. You play as Eddie Riggs, a gifted roadie who was chosen by the Rock Gods after a “stage accident”, to battle through a world of heavy metal to save humanity and of course, slay demons. You find a rocking big axe at the start of your journey to start slicing and dicing demon worshipers.Also you have your guitar, because it wouldn’t be a rock metal game without one. Your guitar Clementine has a unique ability to summon lightning and fire magic to help slay your enemies from afar.

The combos are what helped the fighting really enjoyable. You press a certain amount of buttons together and you could have Eddie smash the axe in the ground creating an earth shake throwing your enemies to the walls. Or, you could pick an enemy up, throw him in the air, and hit him with your axe just like you were playing baseball. During the later part of the game you could drive his car, which he created in less than twenty seconds. I told you he was gifted. With that you could smash enemies into the car and kill them with ease, because that’s what we roadsters love to do.

What can I say more about this game besides that I would be disgracing my rock gods if I did not get the game when it comes out October 13th. Jack Black’s voice over as Eddie is amazing already. He isn’t that crazy lunatic he plays as in some of his movies. He makes this character his own. Also I noticed there is a hot girl in the game, who help him slay demons with her two short swords. It is sad to say that there will always be hot girls in other dimensions for me, but there are never any hot girls who would be interested in me in this world. What the hell? Try the demo people. You will enjoy it as much as I did.

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Brendan Ecock

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