Take-Two: Physical Sales Still “Lion’s Share” for Consoles; “Numerous” Unannounced Games Coming

Take-Two: Physical Sales Still “Lion’s Share” for Consoles; “Numerous” Unannounced Games Coming

During Take-Two’s quarterly financial conference call, Chief Executive Strauss Zelnick mentioned that physical sales still take the “lion’s share” of the publisher’s sales, and a very important distribution channel, and the company expects this to remain the case “for some time.”

According to Zelnick, for consoles about 20% of sales were digital during the last quarter. On the other hand, the percentage of digital download sales were over 90% for PC (which can be easily seen as a testament to the success of Steam).

Zelnick also explained that the publisher remains “ecumenical” between physical and digital sales, as their job is to be where the costumer is, and not to push customers one way or the other. That said, they are “believers” that digital distribution will continue to grow, even if they can’t make predictions on what kind of percentages it will reach.

President Karl Slatoff also confirmed during the call that the publisher’s studios have “numerous unannounced projects” in the works, both featuring new IP, and established franchises.

Slatoff added later in the call, that the publisher is ” super-excited” about the pipeline of upcoming games. The strategy remains to keep with annual releases of Take-Two’s sports games, but not of the action/adventure games.

Lastly, Zelnick mentioned that the publisher is doing some “investigations” on virtual reality, but it’s still early for them to state a firm opinion on how the VR Market is going to perform in the future.

That said, he explained that when VR platforms will become interesting and an important part of interactive entertainment, Take-Two “will be there,” as they are “always there for consumers.” He has “zero doubts” that they’ll be able to be there in a competitive way.