Taking The Next Steps To Becoming a Pro Gamer

Now this is something I have been asked about since I got into gaming, How do you become a pro gamer or what do I have to do to get sponsored?  Honestly, most of us out there aren’t Gods in the specific game we play; there is always someone out there who is better than us and better than them.  Every single Top Pro Gamer fought hard to be where they are right now, others might say they didn’t and sneaked their way to the top but that’s another story within itself.  My point here is that they all worked hard to reach the top.  I’ve met a lot of really good players who are top calibur worthy and they know it as well.  They all say they’re going to go pro in the game, win the money and blah blah blah but they don’t step their game up and actually do it.  For example, Major League Gaming (MLG) premiere game is Halo 3 and they hold some of the best “known” players in the US.  They all started with local tournaments, local LANs, and even online ladders and tournaments.  A lot of amateur players jump straight into MLG’s online tournaments and ladders via Gamebattles.com or even attend their year long Pro Circuit for a chance to break into top 16 and be considered Pro or Semi Pro; according to ranking systems from MLG.

I know you’ve heard this before but PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.  It’s the best advice anyone can give you.  Learn the game on another level, put in more time to it, find the best players who mesh well with your play style and just go for it.  Anything is possible if you put the time and effort in it.  Set up LANs and invite local or even out of state players, find a store or whatever place you can find to host it; put some money up and give it a competition feel because that is exactly what you will feel at a big event.  Traveling to an event might cost ya and we all cant guarantee you’ll walk out with the 20 gs but its a great experience to have.  Also, you might want to branch out on other known leagues out there like the World Cyber Games (WCG) and Pro Gaming League as those will also build up a whole new underground feel fanbase.  This works for all platforms from consoles (Xbox 360 and Playstation 3) to even PC gamers.

I hope i helped out a few up and coming gamers with these tips on upping their game a bit.  Be sure to look out on more pro gaming help steps in the near future as I will have interviews with some top known pros as well as their own tips for the up and comers.

Also i know these steps are pretty much obvious if you have been following the pro leagues before but there are a lot of newer generation gamers wanting to break out but don’t know what to do.  So please no flaming but encouragement to these youngsters.  If any gamers want a list of upcoming tournaments and events please leave a comment below and i’ll try my best to get them out.

-Roberto aka RobSkii

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