Samurai RPG Tale of Ronin Hoping to Release in 2018; Nintendo Switch Version Will Be Considered

Samurai RPG Tale of Ronin Hoping to Release in 2018; Nintendo Switch Version Will Be Considered

Dead Mage hopes its samurai RPG Tale of Ronin will release next year for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Linux, and perhaps even the Nintendo Switch.

Back in March, developer Dead Mage — who is also currently developing Children of Morta announced a brand-new samurai role-playing game for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux called Tale of Ronin. As is usual with reveal announcements, a release date/window was not provided.

Despite Dead Mage not divulging a release date/window, it was presumably either going to hit late this year, or sometime next year. But now DualShocker’s has confirmation that the latter is the case.

The news comes via designer of Tale of Ronin and Dead Mage studio lead, Amir Fassihi, who told DualShockers in a recent interview that the team hopes to release sometime during 2018. Fassihi failed to go into any further specifics as to whether we are potentially looking at the first half of 2018, or the latter half.

In addition to providing a release window (as vague as it is), Fassihi also revealed that the team will consider bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch.

More specfically, when asked if there was any consideration for a Switch version, or if it was a platform it would like to bring the game to, Fassihi offered the following response:

“My love for games comes from playing games on the first Nintendo console, Family Computer, during the 80’s in Japan, and I’ve always admired the console. We’ll definitely think about it.”

There’s nothing that has been showcased so far of Tale of Ronin that would suggest it would have any difficulty running on the Switch, so it seems likely a Switch version will depend on whether Dead Mage sees it as a worthy investment.

For those that don’t know: Tale of Ronin is a RPG that explores the human side of the Samurai. You control a Ronin, in dynamic world of turmoil and violence where you will need to survive the consequences of your choices.

The aim of Dead Mage specifically is to focus on the unique human aspects of the iconically fierce and honorable warriors, which is an angle not often takem by other games or media.

The game is presented in a unique traditional Sumi-e art style, and features a simultaneous turn-based combat system that includes the details of Katana swordmanship. Notably the game embraces the Sekai System, meaning if you die, the world lives: and you play the story of a new Ronin in the same world, maybe even one who was previously your companion.

For more information on Tale of Ronin, be sure to check out its official website, which also houses it’s announcement trailer. Further, be on the lookout tomorrow for our full Tale of Ronin interview that is packed full of newly fleshed out details about the game.