Tales from the Borderlands Is Free on PC for Amazon and Twitch Prime Members

Tales from the Borderlands Is Free on PC for Amazon and Twitch Prime Members

The often missed gem that is Tales from the Borderlands will soon be free for Twitch Prime and Amazon Prime members for a limited time. Get you one!

Twitch Prime subscribers have been getting a nice line-up of PC games included in their subscriptions recently, including Superhot and Steam World Heist. The next game they’ll get is an arguably underappreciated little number called Tales from the Borderlands.

The Borderlands world got a story-heavy Telltale makeover that a lot of people missed out on. Borderlands is known for its fast pace and its twitchy mechanics (and its humor, of course) but many thought Telltale couldn’t make it action-packed enough. Ironically, Tales from the Borderlands had quite a lot of action in it, albeit in a different form than the main series had.

For those who missed out on Tales from the Borderlands and are maybe eyeballing the Twitch Prime subscription service, this may be a good time to jump in. The free download can be picked up from January 18 to January 24. It’s a short window, so don’t miss it!

If Tales from the Borderlands is the only part of this news that strikes your fancy, and not a monthly subscription, you’re in luck. The game is actually on sale for $7 on GOG right now.

As a PSA for those who may not know, Amazon Prime subscribers can get Twitch Prime completely free. All that’s required is to connect your Twitch account to your Amazon account and start collecting your free games.