Tales from the Borderlands Was Internally Perceived as a Failure in Face of Underwhelming Sales

A return to Tales from the Borderlands by Telltale looks unlikely, but the characters might yet live on via Gearbox Software.

One of the more common responses when you ask someone their favorite Telltale game is Tales from the Borderlands, which was largely praised for its humorous writing and great cast of characters. But while it’s a personal favorite of many gamers, it may never get a sequel due to underwhelming sales.

In a recent oral history of the series in the Campo Santo Quarterly, various members of the development team behind the Borderlands spin-off touch on a variety of things about the game and its development. More specifically, during the oral history writer Nick Herman essentially shoots down the hopes and dreams of any holding out for a sequel.

According to Herman, the sales of the title “weren’t great” near the end of its episodical run, and that “internally it was perceived as a failure.” While this doesn’t official rule out anything, it doesn’t look very promising that the ever-expanding Telltale will ever dust off the IP and give it another shot.

However, while you may never see another Tales from the Borderlands game, you may see the characters again. Elsewhere in the piece it is revealed the developers behind the game hoped (and continue to hope) that Gearbox might utilize their characters down the road, say in the inevitable Borderlands 3. 

According to producer Adam Sarasohn, the hope with characters Fiona and Rhys was to hand Gearbox fully-fleshed out heroic characters that could be reused in the main shooter series in whatever fashion deemed fit. Whether this will happen or not is anybody’s best guess.

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