Tales of the Cosmos Launches with a New Trailer

on October 21, 2016 4:22 PM

Red Dwarf Games has released a new trailer to celebrate the launch of Tales of the Cosmos.

Tales of the Cosmos is a open world sci-fi adventure game that was inspired by the classic adventure games of the 1990’s. In the game you play as Perseus the Dog and Professor Gagayev, who have become stranded on a mysterious unknown planet.

Tales of the CosmosĀ also has the following features:

– Seamlessly integrated space travel

– Many planets and moons, each can be landed on and explored on foot

– Each planet has interactive objects and characters, as well as puzzles

– Interstellar puzzles: pick up an item on one planet, use it on another

– Integrated puzzle hint system

– Hand-drawn environments

– Modding capabilities, level editor included with the game

– Multi-language support

You can watch the trailer below.Tales of the Cosmos is currently available on PC.

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