Tales From the Loop Board Game Adaptation Smashes Kickstarter Goal

Tales From the Loop Board Game Adaptation Smashes Kickstarter Goal

Tales From the Loop is hot off the success of its Amazon Video adaptation and is branching out further with a brand new board game.

Tales From the Loop is a new Amazon Video series based on Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag’s work. While the Amazon series just came out, publisher Free League Publishing is striking while the iron is hot with a new board game adaptation. The campaign easily cleared its original funding goal in a single day and has already more than doubled the funds they’re seeking. It’s not quite Frosthaven success, but it’s still a big win for the company.

Of course, Free League Publishing is no stranger to Kickstarter success. They’ve run several successful campaigns for various tabletop role-playing games in the past. Plus, they raised around $500,000 for their Crusader Kings board project. And, of course, one of those RPG games was an RPG for Tales From the Loop.

All that said, this latest project is trending to be one of their biggest successes yet. And it makes sense. The art looks phenomenal. And it’s not just stuff based on Stålenhag’s work. Even the board and card design pops. This is the type of game you just leave out on your table for weeks just to admire as you walk by it each day. From a gameplay perspective, Tales From the Loop is a fun 1-5 player co-op. If you’d like to try it out for yourself, Free League has made the print and play version free during the campaign. So, feel free to get in there and test it out before you back it.

Tales From the Loop – The Board Game is live on Kickstarter now. The game has 28 days left on the platform, giving you plenty of time to try out the free version and make your final decision. Give it a look if you’re interested.