Tales of Arise Demo Release Date and Time, Download Size, How to Get

Here's how to download the files.

By Mehrdad Khayyat

August 17, 2021

Tales of Arise demo release time is less than 24 hours away. Let’s have a look at all the demo details. Is it worth playing?

Tales of Arise is one of the popular Japanese titles of this year that could be a great part-time alternative for Genshin Impact fans as well.

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A free demo will soon be available for Tales of Arise, allowing players to get familiar with the characters and combat mechanics in the game.

Tales of Arise – Lifestyle Feature Trailer

Tales of Arise – Lifestyle Feature Trailer

Tales of Arise Demo Release Date and Time

Tales of Arise Demo will be available on August 18. The exact release time for the demo is yet to be announced but it is expected to be released at midnight in Japan, which is at least 6 hours later from now.

On the other hand, the western divisions of the PlayStation Store will probably unlock the demo around earlier in the morning in North America, and noon in Europe.

What Platforms Are Included for the Demo?

Although Tales of Arise will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC at launch, but the free demo version has been limited to consoles.

What Is Included in Tales of Arise Demo Version?

Depends on how you play, the demo provides roughly one hour of gameplay, which can be completed in half an hour as well. However, six characters are available for this demo. So, trying out each hero during the demo could entertain for nearly 4-5 hours.

Below, you can check out each character as well as a brief description of his/her abilities and combat style.

  • Alphen
    • A swift swordfighter with an array of artes to combat any type of foe in close-quarters combat.
  • Shionne
    • A long-range gunslinger who also uses astral artes, letting her heal the party between shots.
  • Rinwell
    • A mage who mainly relies on astral artes. Though casting takes time, her magic has a far reach.
  • Law
    • A close-quarters martial artist whose sheer power and flurry of strikes overwhelms his enemies.
  • Kisara
    • A hammer wielder with a giant shield that blocks attacks, letting her fight on the front lines.
  • Dohalim
    • An all-around fighter whose rod and arsenal of artes enable him to dispatch foes at any distance.

Tales of Arise full version will be available on September 10, 2021.

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