Tales Of Arise Difficulty Modes, How Hard is The Game?

There's a secret unlockable difficulty mode as well!

By Manisha Priyadarshini

September 10, 2021

Tales of Arise is the seventh instalment in Bandai Namco’s Tales series. It features a long, character-guided story along with action-based combat that comes in various difficulty modes.

The story of Arise takes place in a setting that is divided between the medieval world of Dahna and the advanced world of Rena. Since Rena has superior technological and magical advancement, it takes control of Dahna, its resources, and its people as slaves.

The protagonists of Tales of Arise are a young man, Alphen, native to Dahna, and a young woman, Shionne, from Rena. As a former slave, Alphen wants to liberate the people of his country and Shionne wants to defeat the Lords who rule each of Dahna’s five realms. Since their goals align, they end up traveling together to accomplish them.

In this article, we shall be looking at the various game difficulty modes in Tales of Arise and how hard is the game to play.

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Tales of Arise | Forge Your Path Summary Trailer

Tales of Arise | Forge Your Path Summary Trailer

4 Difficulty Modes in Tales Of Arise

By default, Tales of Arise has 4 difficulty modes and you can choose any of them. There is also another hidden difficulty mode which we shall discuss later in the article. Let’s take a look at the default difficulty modes first:

1. Story

The story mode is suitable for players who enjoy the story more than the combat because this mode helps you focus more on the plot and characters.

2. Normal

Normal mode is the standard difficulty level in Tales of Arise. If you enjoy both story and combat alike, this mode will give you the balanced combat experience.

3. Moderate

Those who find the Normal mode too easy can take things a notch higher with the Moderate difficulty mode which offers tougher fights.

4. Hard

If you love tough challenges, then Hard mode is the perfect difficulty setting for you. Here, enemies attack with more aggressiveness but you also get to earn more number of Combat Points.

Higher Difficulty Fetches More Points (score bonus multiplier)

Since there are different difficulty modes in Tales of Arise, the game has a score bonus multiplier system in place to reward everyone fairly despite the mode they are play.

The concept is pretty simple, the harder the mode is, the more points you gain. So whatever you score is muliplied by you present difficulty bonus multiplier. Just keep in mind that selecting the Story mode reduces your score by 50%.

StoryBase x 0.50
Moderatex 1.25
Hardx 1.50

How to Unlock Chaos Difficulty Mode In Tales of Arise

As mentioned previously, there is a secret unlockable difficulty in the game known as Chaos difficulty. This is the 5th level which is the hardest mode to play. To unlock Chaos in Tales of Arise, you simply have to beat the Dohalim Solo Ultimate Challenge (Level 60) at the Training Grounds (in Menancia > Viscint) to unlock an artifact called Devil Sculpture.

This artifact will activate the Chaos difficulty for you. But this mode can be unlocked only at a later stage in the game as it has a high level requirement.

How Hard Is Tales of Arise to play?

Since Tales of Arise has around 5 difficulty modes for every type of player, you don’t need to worry about not being able to complete the game. You can select your preferred level of difficulty to enjoy the game as you like!

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