Tales of Arise is Helmed by God Eater Producer; Will Feature New Evolutions While Keeping Tales of Series’ Tradition

Tales of Arise is Helmed by God Eater Producer; Will Feature New Evolutions While Keeping Tales of Series’ Tradition

Everything we know about Tales of Arise so far, including its story pitch, first screenshots, artworks, and comments from its producer.

Bandai Namco officially announced Tales of Arise for Xbox One, PS4, and PC during the Xbox E3 2019 conference. As you probably already know though, the game has  leaked ahead of its reveal. However, we’ve got the full story on Tales of Arise now, including its story synopsis, its first screenshots, and comments from its producer.

Tales of Arise‘s stage is set on two neighboring planets, Dahna and Rena. The people of Dahna consider planet Rena as a divine realm and has been handing down legends about the planet and its people through generations. This led the people of Dahna to forget the terrible truth. Rena is actually ruling over Dahna with a hand of steel, preventing the planet to develop itself by pillaging its resources. The people of Dahna have been enslaved by Rena for over 300 years now. Planet Dahna is an undeveloped land where nature kept its rights. Meanwhile, Rena is an advanced civilization with evolved science and magic.

Tales of Arise begins with the fateful meeting of its protagonists: a young man with an iron mask from planet Dahna, and a young woman from planet Rena, who is currently on the run from her clan for a certain reason. Together, they strive to forge a new future for themselves and their people.

Tales of Arise‘s trailer, included below, makes it clear the series is getting a huge graphical update. Another element jumping out is how the trailer was tailor-made for everything to look spectacular, such as including giant monsters. It feels a lot like God Eater, and it isn’t a coincidence, as Tales of Arise‘s Producer is Yusuke Tomizawa, who produces God Eater and Code Vein. This switch in producers happened back in 2018, and Tales of Arise is the first new Tales of games Yusuke Tomizawa will be handling. As for now, Yusuke Tomizawa only produced the Tales of Vesperia Remaster.

Comments by Yusuke Tomizawa have been published by Bandai Namco Japan:

Tales of Arise marks a new beginning in the over twenty years of history of the Tales of franchise. Tales of Arise is an ambitious title for all RPG fans around the world. It will be both following the tradition of Tales of Series while bringing in its own evolutions. Tales of Arise mixes high-end, latest technology graphics while keeping the Tales of Series‘ touch. Tales of Arise will include a moving story that will be at times heavy, and at times heartwarming. An extremely immersive fantasy world, charismatic, loveable characters, and challenging battles await. We look forward to players enjoying this new adventure.

I’m looking forward as to how Tales of Arise will turn out. The story seems eerily similar to Tales of Symphonia too so I wonder how this will pan out. You can find Tales of Arise‘s first screenshots, artwork, and trailer below.

Tales of Arise launches worldwide in 2020 for Steam, Xbox One, and PS4.