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Tales of Arise Producer Teases Remakes & Possible Anime Plans


Yusuke Tomizawa brought up Tales of remakes again

January 12, 2022

This week’s Famitsu Magazine included a new interview with Tales of series producer Yusuke Tomizawa, discussing possible anime plans, Arise‘s flaws, the next Tales of games after Arise, possible Remakes, and the 30th anniversary of the franchise.

This is the first major Famitsu Magazine interview since Bandai Namco released Tales of Arise so it has plenty of details. As usual, magazine leaks blogs have summarized parts of the interview ahead of Famitsu Magazine’s actual release at Thursday midnight JST.

We translated everything below. Keep in mind these leaks are often incomplete or might lack details. As such it’s possible we’ll complement this story with information from the actual interview when it’s available.

This story contains spoilers.

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Tales of Arise | Accolades Trailer

Tales of Arise | Accolades Trailer

Tales of Arise producer Yusuke Tomizawa comments on the game’s flaws, anime plans & 30th anniversary

Yusuke Tomizawa on the Arise antagonists being underdeveloped

“I understand many fans were disappointed in that regard. As we usually deeply depict the ideals of the protagonists and the antagonists’ sides and how they clash with each other. We’ll definitely keep this feedback in mind for future plans.”

On the low endgame and side content

“We had to focus on finishing the game and its main story, so we sadly couldn’t make as much endgame content as some past titles”.

On Dohalim’s popularity

“I expected Dohalim to be popular, but I didn’t expect him to surpass even past characters of the franchise”. (Dohalim won the character popularity poll at the last Tales of Festival).

Tales of producer teases future developments and remakes, possibly with graphics even better than Arise‘s Atmos Shaders

“The Atmospheric Shaders graphics used in Tales of Arise will be used in future Tales of games too. It would take a considerable amount of work to use Atmospheric Shaders for remakes though. But we’re developing an improved version. We don’t know yet if the improved version will be ready in time for the next game or if it’ll be implemented even later on.”

Tales of Arise possible anime plans teased

“There are many parts of the Arise story not shown in the game. Like when did Shionne come to Dahna, or the story of Alphen from 300 years ago. I could just expand on these parts in interviews, but I hope to do something with them that will please fans. For example, we could make an anime adaptation depicting different story elements than in the game, and focus on these parts. I can’t tell you yet if we’re actually making an anime or not though”.

Teaser for the Tales of 30th anniversary in 2025

“Our main focus for the anniversary is to make what fans of the series truly want. And I want to make sure every single Tales of fan will be excited for this anniversary. And I’d like to do something specifically for Arise‘s story too.”

Additionally, the magazine also included screenshots of a new Tales of Arise animated trailer that will be released soon.

We’ll be sure to take a look at the actual interview in Famitsu Magazine as well. More often than not these leaks are missing many intricate details, so stay tuned.

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