Tales of Arise Gets Rated in Australia, Might Be Back and Arriving On A 2021 Midnight Train

Yorokobe, Tales of fan waiting for Tales of Arise. You might see the tears of time and get to rise from your gungrave sooner than expected.

Tales of Arise got rated in Australia by Bandai Namco on August 19, 2020. It was also rated in Brazil on August 11. (Thanks to Renka Schedule for pointing it out). I’m personally not fond of making an article out of these, as it’s especially hard to write on such flimsy content, but these ratings are interesting for one reason. It’s possible Bandai Namco will be releasing Tales of Arise sooner than expected.

As you already know, Arise was delayed from its 2020 release date estimate to an indefinite release date estimate. Seeing this rating though, perhaps it’ll be coming very soon in 2021.

The currently published Australian classification ratings for Tales of Arise read as follows: We’ve got moderate impact for “themes” and “violence”. Mild impact for” language”. A “none” classification for “drug use” and “nudity”, and a very mild impact classification for “sex”.

The “none” classification on nudity is quite surprising for a Japanese game. However, seeing the game is still in development, it’s likely this will be resubmitted and changed later on. This already happened.

Tales of Arise First Trailer: Character Introduction Ver.

Tales of Arise was first announced at E3 2019. It is the newest Tales of main console game following Tales of Berseria in 2016. The game’s producer is Yusuke Tomizawa, known for the God Eater series. After the initial reveal, further details were revealed at Tokyo Game Show in September 2019. However, since then we haven’t heard anything about the game besides its delay. I wonder what’s wrong. It’s like a pandemic happened or something.

You can read in detail everything we know so far via our past coverage.

Tales of Arise is currently scheduled to launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Recently, Tales of Crestoria also launched on mobile. It has a pretty fun story revisiting the Tales of characters, and cool and cute chara designs. But the gameplay… You know that traditional anime gag about characters who can’t cook who end up “cooking” things? This is Tales of Crestoria gameplay.

Bandai Namco also hinted at more developments to come for the 25th anniversary of the Tales of series. I’m keeping my hopes up for official localization of all the previous Tales of games.

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