Tales of Berseria for PS4 and PC Gets Lovely Screenshots Showing Characters and Combat

Tales of Berseria for PS4 and PC Gets Lovely Screenshots Showing Characters and Combat

Today Bandai Namco released a large batch of screenshots of Tales of Berseria, that will be released in Japan for PS3 and PS4, and will skip the PS3 release in the west, with a PS4 and PC launch.

We get to see Rokurou, the swordsman turned demon, but who still manage to keep a hold on his reason, and Eleanor the Taimashi (demon hunter), belonging to the religious organization “Seiryo.”

While Rokurou follows velvet due to certain events that have brought him to follow the protagonist Velvet. Eleanor is on the opposite camp, and she often clashes with the heroine.

We also get more information on the Liberation-LMBS battle system, which is aptly named, as it aims to let players combo artes together more freely than ever before.

You can set artes to the face buttons, and you can also determine what stage of a combo each art will be set to, up to four. That way you can chain combos freely however you like, depending on how you have set your buttons.

Artes are initially set automatically, and added to the menu as the story progresses, so even those unfamiliar with the system can still play with default settings.

If you continue a combo past the fourth attack, the loop will restart from the first, allowing you to keep going over and over.

An important element of the battle system is the soul gauge, which basically represents the limit to how far you can continue chaining artes. They’re represented by the diamonds on the left of the HP value of each character in the UI. They glow blue when they are charged.

They charge up when defeating enemies, when inflicting status aliments like stun and by the use of specific items. You can also gain souls by defending correctly, evading enemy attacks. There are two other methods, but they will be revealed down the line. Souls won from enemies are dropped on the battlefield and need to be touched to be actually gained

You can loose souls by being stunned or by being on the receiving end of status aliments. There’s also another way, but again, it will be revealed down the line.

Attacking consumes souls (each art has a cost in soul gauge points, and each soul is worth 30 points), but you don’t actually lose them. They just turn red and can be recharged up to the maximum set by the conditions above.

At the start of a battle, you’ll always have a soul gauge of three souls, and you can have a maximum of five and a minimum of one.

By pressing L1, you can guard, mitigating the damage you receive. By holding L1 and operating the left stick, you can also dodge.

That’s pretty much all, so without further ado, I leave you with the screenshots.