Tales of Berseria for PS4 and PC Gets Screenshots Aplenty, New Information

Today Bandai Namco sent in a press release with plenty of screenshots and information on the upcoming JRPG for PS4 and PC (in Japan it’ll also get a PS3 release) Tales of Berseria.

The world of the game (named Wasteland) is sunk into an age of strife due to a rare disease named Gomabyo (Demon Disease) that turns humans into beasts named Goma (Demons). The outbreak started three years before the current story. Back then the protagonist Velvet was living in peace in a vollage of the Holy Kingdom of Midgand of with her family. However, during a night in which the moon shone red, everyone around her was transformed or taken away.

Velvet’s left hand was also transformed by a mysterious force, and she lost everyone who she held dear, including her family. Yet, her hand gained the power to devour the monsters.

The Gomabyo causes human to become rabid, and to attack other humans who maintained their reasons. Once turned, they’re called Goma. There are also confirmed case of animals that contracted the disease.

The Seirei is a tribe that uses the power of the spirits, and they don’t have an ego, being used by humans as tools. The “scarlet night” is a night in which a red moon raises. It’s said to have a connection with the Goma.

There are three items that are deeply connected with the story. A compass, a comb and an apple.

We also learn more about the two protagonists: Velvet 19 years old, she’s 170 cm tall, and she’s identified as possibly being a Goma herself. She used to be a down-to-earth and friendly girl, but she almost never smiled after the incident three years ago. Now she harbors unexpectedly the cold feelings of hatred and anger. Her left hand is covered with bandages. It comes with powers similar to those the Goma have, but it seems to have different capabilities.

Laphicet is 10 years old, 142 cm tall and he’s a Seirei. Since he was born, he has been used as a tool by an unknown entity. He doesn’t know any other way of life than following his master’s commands, without having his own opinion or emotions. During the journey with Velvet, he’ll develop a mind and will of his own.

The Linear Motion Battle System of the game is based on the ability to run freely and operate the camera freely, while special attacks can be assigned to the face buttons (Square, Triangle, X, Circle). Movement is handled with the left stick that isn’t used for aster anymore, allowing the player to coordinate intuitively movement and the use of arts. Camera operation is on the right stick.

Below you can see the screenshots, including new environments like a cave and Midgand’s harbors, that are a center of development for seafaring technology and ship building.

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