Tales of Berseria's PS4 vs PS3 Graphics Compared; DLC Screenshots and Cheat Microtransactions Released

While Tales of Berseria still isn’t available for sale in Japan, as it will be released for PS4 and PS3 on August 18th, today Bandai Namco already made the DLC available on the local PlayStation Store. Two pages and a half of them, for 68 items.

Even counting the fact that each DLC has two platforms, that’s a whopping 34 DLC for the game, available before it releases.

A lot of the packages are the costumes outed today by Famitsu in bundles or separate configurations (also divided by genders), and we get quite a few screenshots for those, which you can check out in the gallery. Incidentally, the summer vacation set comes in three colors a piece, which is probably why it costs a bit more bundled (400 yen instead of 300).

That said, here’s the twist: there are also plenty of microtransations that are basically paid cheats.

Two of them raise your party level by 5 or 10, for 300 or 450 yen respectively. Incidentally, there’s a warning mentioning that level cannot surpass 200, which probably reveals the level cap of the game.

Another item raises the hit points of everyone in the party by 1000 for 200 yen (apparently, the same item is also buyable in game, and they don’t stack).

Two herb sets (green and red) provide various buffs, another item doubles the acquisition rate of skills, while there’s one that halves the money you need to spend to improve items. One DLC lets you earn twice as much experience, and another does the same with money. All of those cost 200 yen as well.

Of course you can completely ignore all those microtransactions, but their existence is something I find quite funny.

Moving on to something more interesting, the presence of separate screenshots for the PS4 and PS3 versions actually lets us compare the visuals between the two platforms. Here are a few pairs of screenshots. You can find a lot more in the galleries at the bottom of the post.

In each pair the PS4 version is displayed first, followed by the PS3 version.

Without further ado, I leave you with the screenshots of all the costumes in two separate galleries, including a wing set providing several difference configurations of wing attachments for your characters.



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