Tales of Crestoria’s Full Concept Movie Reveals Characters from Past Games; More Gameplay Details

Tales of Crestoria’s Full Concept Movie Reveals Characters from Past Games; More Gameplay Details

Cress, Lion, Luke, Milla, Velvet and more Tales of characters appear in Tales of Crestoria. Many more details were revealed as well.

A Japanese stream for Tales of Crestoria was held today, with Kanata’s voice actor Kohai Amasaki, Misella’s voice actress Yui Ishikawa and Bandai Namco producer Tomomi Tagawa.

First off, it was revealed that multiple characters from past Tales of games will appear. Confirmed so far are Cress from Tales of Phantasia, Lion from Tales of Destiny, Luke from Tales of the Abyss, Emil and Marta from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Milla from Tales of Xillia, Velvet, Eleanor and Magilou from Tales of Berseria.

Moreover, each character’s story is different than in their original game, because each character is a proper resident of the Tales of Crestoria world. They aren’t coming in through some crossover. Parts of their personality may turn out different too, and some will join Kanata in his travels.

First off we’ve got Luke Fone Fabre, whose background seems to be a close replica of the original. Luke in Crestoria is a rich kid who’s been overprotected from birth, and as such is a bit naive. Still, he’s frustrated about always being shielded and would like to get stronger.

Meanwhile, Milla Maxwell is a woman whose duty is to hunt down the “embodiments of humanity’s sin”. Milla herself committed some kind of sin too, and she thinks it’s Velvet’s fault it happened and hates her for it. However, for now, the two of them are traveling together. She’s also looking for a friend she had in the past who disappeared.

As for Velvet Crowe, she still has her monstrous arm. She used to be very friendly in the past but after a certain something happened she’s now as cold as ice. She hates Milla and would love to strangle her, but they’re currently traveling together because of a certain promise they made to each other.

Lastly, there’s Lion Magnus. He’s a swordsman who temporarily joined the Knights of the Medagal Kingdom. He’s young and haughty but has the skill to back it up, and rarely opens himself to others. However, he seems to show interest toward Aegis, another Knight of the Medagal Kingdom. His weapon is Swordian, a sword which possesses its own will. Just like Aegis, he’s hunting down “Transgressors” like Kanata and Misella, and the “Great Transgressor” Vicious.

We also learned that Tales of Crestoria is basically divided into 4 parts.

First off you’ve got the “Main Story”, written by Jun Kumagai, about Kanata, Misella and Vicious traveling together, meeting new people, etc.

Then we’ve got “Side Stories”, which will focus on the various people Kanata met through his travels.

Next are the “Character Episodes”. Each character has one and you unlock it after using them many times in battle and after they reach a certain threshold. These stories will focus on that character.

Last is the “Face Chat”, conversations happening during quests, and seem to be basically the traditional skits found in Tales of games.

The “Blood Sign” each main character has was explained as well.  This is an evolution of the “sinner mark” that each “Transgressor” has on their body, it evolves into the “Blood Sign” once they have enough resolve to shoulder the sin they committed. According to Vicious, it happens when they decide to “Own their sin”. Each character’s “Blood Sign” is different, and it’s the weapon they use in battle:

  • Kanata’s Blood Sign is the “Sword of Patricide”, Blaze Oedipus
  • Misella has the “Flames of Destruction”, Dead End Flare
  • Vicious has the “Endless Pain”, Everpain
  • Aegis has the “Unstable Forbidden Love”, Fragile Heart
  • Yuna has the “Indistinguishable lie”, Love & Lie
  • Orwin has the “Hands Smeared in Blood for Loved Ones”, Lost Family

They also announced the game reached 150,000 pre-registrations.

The stream is included below, after the concept movie, there’s some gameplay in it starting 19:32 to 20:16. Keep in mind the game is still in development.

Following the announcement that Tales of Crestoria is coming west in 2019, the official English Twitter published each main character’s profile and details on the game world. You can read this in the gallery below. Now, we’ve got an official description and translation for some of the terms in the game, but not for the ones revealed today. Please keep in mind most terms used in this article are temporary translations until the official Tales of Crestoria English staff translates them.

The gallery also has screenshots from the stream, showing the game’s main menu, the quest select menu, the various modes detailed above, some of the Tales of characters and each character’s “Blood Sign”.

Tales of Crestoria releases worldwide in 2019 for iOS and Android.