Tales of Crestoria Details Raids, Gacha System, Theme Song and More

A wealth of information and gameplay for Tales of Crestoria, launching early June, was revealed, including new battle mechanics, the mascot, and more.

A ton of new information on the upcoming mobile entry in the Tales of series, Tales of Crestoria, was revealed by Bandai Namco.

Crestoria is the brand new mobile RPG featuring an all-new cast in an all-new story, along with characters from previous entries to save the world. Originally planned to be a live stream of announcements, due to the current pandemic situation, the reveal was changed to a string of reveals on the game’s official twitter accounts. The showcase gave us new information on the multiplayer, a history mode, and a look at how you can acquire your returning Tales of heroes from previous games in the series.

First off, here’s the newly revealed final trailer, which reexplains the world, the characters, and shows some of the opening anime sequence and gameplay:

Tales of Crestoria‘s theme song was handled by indie rock band Gesu no Kiwami Otome. The song is titled Howling for Honey. A video message from the band was shared as well:

Tales of Crestoria Multiplayer Raid Battles:

Players will be able to team up with their friends in raid style battles where your characters will need to come together to topple a strong foe. Winning said confrontations will net each player with rewards that can be spent to outfit and improve their team. Communicating with your teammates will be paramount if you want to win, though, and luckily Tales of Crestoria will allow you to use text and stickers to send messages to the rest of your team. Depending on your performance in the fight, players will be rewarded with varying levels of “Contribution Points,” though it isn’t clear just yet what these points are for.

Tales of Crestoria Battle System and Break Mechanic:

One aspect of combat that was fleshed out a bit in the new information was the “Break” mechanic. When enemies begin to ready special attacks, a bar will appear along with a countdown timer, and it will be your job to deal enough damage before the timer reaches zero and the attack triggers. It will put the enemy into the Break state. While in this state, the enemy will be stunned, and any attacks used on them will land as a critical!

Tales of Crestoria Memoria Stones

In essence, what Crestoria’s gacha system is called. Characters from both previous Tales of games and Crestoria can be pulled randomly, each sporting different ranks of rarity, which adds them to your team. The rarer of a pull, the better stats, and abilities the character will have. The highest rarity is SSR, and these are the versions that include that character’s Mystic Arte attacks. You can also equip Memoria Stones on an existing character to strengthen them and activate skills. Players will receive SR versions of main protagonists Kanata, Vicious and Misella by going through main story mode.

SSR Memoria Stones also come with really cool illustrations.

Tales of History

A particularly cool feature that they revealed was the Tales of History, a repository of information on the series games and characters, including those titles that have yet to receive a western localization such as Tales of Rebirth and Tales of Eternia Online. The Tales of History feature will be a fantastic resource to introduce more modern Tales of fans to earlier entries they could very well be unaware of existing.

The Mascot Character

Most Tales of games feature a cute and adorable (occasionally annoying) mascot character, and we finally know what Crestoria‘s will be! I present to you, Meakyu!

Official manga guide

Tales of Crestoria will also be getting an official manga guide.

Video messages for the fans

Kohei Amasaki, voice of Kanata Hjuger, and Yuma Uchida who voices Vicious, shared video messages:

You can read more details on Tales of Crestoria here and here. Character movies reintroducing each main character are also scheduled to release in the next few days.

Tales of Crestoria launches worldwide in early June 2020, on iOS and Android. Producer Tomomi Tagawa announced an open beta test of the English version will be held in early may, to stress test the servers in certain regions.

Eager fans don’t have long to wait to check out this latest mobile Tales of title.  With console-quality visuals vividly showcasing the anime style and character models, Crestoria is a sight to behold. Pre-registration for the game is underway on both Android’s Google Store and the Apple Store, doing so will net you all sorts of bonuses when the game releases. It will be interesting to see how this latest game fares, after the previous few mobile Tales of games closed down rather quickly here in the west.

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