Tales Of Producer: No Plans for PS4 or Xbox One for Now, But Wants To Use Them To Improve Graphics, Keeping the Style

on October 12, 2013 3:07 PM

Many Japanese developers are gradually shifting their development resources to the next generation consoles, and many are wondering if Namco Bandai is going to do the same with the Tales Of series. That’s why we asked the series’ producer Hideo Baba-san what his plans are for the PS4 and the Xbox One during an interview recorded New York Comic Con.

His Answer was quite interesting in its duality:

As of now we don’t have any plans to release the future titles on PS4 or Xbox One, but the memory is one of the most important improved features in the next generation consoles for the Tales Of series.

So the improved memory allows us to improve the game in term of the graphics. I believe the GPU and the CPU have been much improved compared to the previous consoles.

For examples in the Tales Of series the way of displaying the field map depends on the GPU, so I think that’s very important for the game, but the Tales of Series does not have a photorealistic style, and it needs to be based on the Anime water painting style. So I really want to keep this style in the future, but I want to make some evolution in the graphics by utilizing the the improved specs of the new generation consoles.

For someone that has no plans for the upcoming consoles, he has a quite precise idea of what he wants to do with them. Is Namco Bandai hiding something from us? Considering that as of late they trademark a couple “Tales Of” titles a week (I know, I’m exaggerating, but not that much), it’s not that unlikely.

That said, it’s a relief to know that whatever they’ll do, the Tales of series will keep its anime style. You’ll soon be able to enjoy the full interview on DualShockers.

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