Tales of the Abyss 3DS Coming to America, Tales of Graces F Info Coming Soon

By Chad Awkerman

April 28, 2011

A couple bits of info for two upcoming and highly anticipated Tales titles. The first bit is surrounding the 3DS remake of Tales of the Abyss. We’ve known for a while it was coming out in Japan, but a recent issue of Nintendo Power confirmed, via a graphic, that the handheld remake will indeed be coming out in North America. This is excellent news, as that is one of my favorite Tales games to date (only behind Tales of Vesperia).

In the same Nintendo Power, there was an interview with Tales of the Abyss producer Makoto Yoshizumi, who was asked for more details about Tales of Graces F, which was confirmed for North American localization earlier this year. When that announcement came, there was no mention of what platform it would be released on. It almost goes without saying that we will see it on the PS3, since that is the platform the “F” edition was designed for. However, will they also “port” it back over to the Wii, which housed the original Tales of Graces title? Or will just be bringing over that original title “as is” without the extra PS3 content and polish?

Little is known, but Yoshizumi-san did say that we would hear more info soon, and that info is bound to be a platform announcement of some sort. I would feel bad for all the Nintendo fanboys if they only announced that they were localizing the HD PS3 version, I’m not going to lie. While you wait, check out the new Tales of the Abyss trailer below. Looks pretty awesome!

[Nintendo Everything]

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