Ghost Camp is Here to Solve All Your Party Game Needs With Tales of Treachery

Ghost Camp is Here to Solve All Your Party Game Needs With Tales of Treachery

Ghost Camp is a student team that's creating a four-player choose-your-own-adventure game called Tales of Treachery. The game uses smartphones to insert a hidden traitor into your party and make things more interesting.

Tales of Treachery is an upcoming four-player party game from developer Ghost Camp. The choose-your-own-adventure style game uses phones to make one player a secret traitor similar to what Supermassive Games did with Hidden Agenda. The team released a short gameplay trailer via Twitter. Check it out below.

The game presents your party with a number of events and scenarios. You will then use your phone to secretly vote on the choices provided. The secret vote mechanic gives the traitor player an opportunity to influence the decisions in a way that keeps the party from attaining their goal.

Tales of Treachery will live and die based on how many events the team can draw up. Given that this is a party game, they’re going to need quite a few scenarios if they plan to keep things fresh. That said, just seeing a team trying to push the hidden traitor mechanic forward is awesome.

A hidden traitor is a popular mechanic in many board games like Dead of Winter and Secret Hitler. Seeing that start to come over to video gaming is very exciting. It’s something that really livens up board games, especially the ones you play at a party. So, while this is a student project, it’s great to see devs using a hidden traitor more and more.

Tales of Treachery doesn’t have a release date or list of available platforms yet. That said, the devs did confirm on Reddit that the game is not PS4 exclusive. While you wait for more news, feel free to watch the in-progress intro the team had Neil Gaiman record.