Tales of Xillia Officially Announced, Looks Amazing

Tales of Xillia Officially Announced, Looks Amazing


Today at the 15th anniversary party for the franchise in Tokyo, Namco-Bandai announced Tales of Xillia, which is the new PS3-exclusive title they had hinted at in the past. Considering their lack of interest in localizing Tales titles for Western markets, this isn’t going to see the light of day over here anytime soon. However, importers can pick it up, since the PS3 is cool like that.

Tales of Xillia follows the tale of two main protagonists, Shuto Matis and Mira Maxwell. You choose one from the start, and play through the game from that character’s perspective. You would then, naturally, have to replay the title to view things the other way around. So, there is inherently a lot of replay value here, but there always is in these sort of games.

The world of Liese Maxia is the setting, which is where humans, demons and spirits all live together in not-so-perfect harmony. The battle system, which you can see in the trailer below, carries a ridiculous name: Double Raid Linear Motion Battle System. This should come as no surprise – the Japanese love their insanely long and convoluted battle system names, after all.

Hit the break to check out the first trailer and screenshots from the game, which were also released at the event in Tokyo. Americans and Europeans better not hold their breath for this one, but definitely cross any appendages you can safely manage and maybe Namco will be in a good mood one day and decide to localize it for us.