Tales of Xillia Voice Recording is Finished

By Chad Awkerman

November 6, 2012

For a Tales of Xillia update, localization producer for Namco Bandai, Ted Tsung, took to the PlayStation Blog today to let everyone know that the voice recording has been finished. The process apparently included “eight hours of voice recording across and eight week span”, but in that time some great work was accomplished.

Care was taken to match the Western voices to the intent of the original Japanese, as Tsung points out, so Milla, for example, would have a bit of a deeper voice, representing her maturity. He continues by pointing providing optimism coupled with a sad truth: “After it’s all said and done, I believe people will be satisfied with the voices we chose for each character. When localizing games like those in the Tales of franchise, there’s always added pressure since the Japanese version typically comes out first.”

Unfortunately, that last statement is true more than it is not in the game industry today. It’s really a shame there can’t be near simultaneous releases of Japanese games on the worldwide stage in this day and age. But, you know, I’m sure all the fans – myself included – are grateful that Namco Bandai is even localizing these Tales games at all. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, amirite?

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